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Right choice to ensure your security!!!

Open the local phone book and you’ll find alarm companies that claim to be the best, the largest, the cheapest, and even one or two that promise a “free” security system. With all these claims, how do you make the right choice to ensure your security and that of those you love?It’s a good idea to look at the longevity of the company you’re considering; you want a company that will be there to serve your needs today and many years from now. Maximum Security has operated for more than 20 years in the Coachella Valley.More than just a slogan, Maximum Security is truly People You Know – A Company You Trust®. We work hard to ensure your satisfaction.When it comes to “free” or very low-cost security systems, there is no free lunch. The “free” or low-cost system offered by some companies is very limited in its level of protection and may be a leased system that you never own. More importantly, in most instances the company making these offers will sell your monitoring service agreement to a third-party once the very basic alarm has been installed. Usually the company that “buys” you is a national conglomerate with no local office or service center, making it hard to get help when you need it.Just a warning, if you’re asked to complete a credit application when you are buying an alarm, your contract is probably being sold.